Journal of a Female Entrepreneur

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, I’m going to record my journey to become a solo entrepreneur, start-up an innovative company in Cornwall to launch an app, which aims to support people with their nutrition and nourishment to stay healthy.

Making salad and working on laptop

Salad delivers a good amount of greenery and nourishment

I’m on an incubator program at Falmouth University called Launchpad, which runs alongside an MSc (changed from MA during lockdown) in Entrepreneurship.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has emerged that women’s health is underlooked by modern healthcare. As medicine becomes increasingly commoditised, focused on whatever interventions are most profitable, conditions faced by women are too often ignored and dismissed by a predominantly male medical profession.

Support groups for people during the COVID-19 pandemic have revealed a different truth from that in the newspapers. Hindsight has shown us that conditions such as fibromyalgia, endometriosis and ME have been dismissed by many healthcare practitioners and people with these conditions are continually invalidated when they seek help. Subsequently, their lives are frequently beset with symptoms, which receive little alleviation except anti-inflammatory medicine or painkillers.

My grandfather qualified as a doctor in 1931 and when the NHS started in 1948, he became a GP on Harley Street and also specialised in allergies. He believed in holistic medicine, treating the whole person, not just a part of the body. He also believed in prevention rather than cure. Looking at what my grandfather did led me through allergies, to immunology and onto food intolerance, which took me back to the a main thoroughfare I keep going back to: natural, nutritional health.

women’s voices are muffled in medicine – as male doctors and researchers do not take reproductive systems and female hormones seriously enough

After the pandemic lockdown started in March 2020, an innovative independent organisation called ZOE, quickly produced a COVID-19 symptom tracker app and they have been looking at these long lingering tail backs of symptoms experienced by some people, particularly women who are being fobbed off by some of their doctors.

On a quest for a nourishing, slimming and healty diet

This makes a campaign, already inspired by my grandfather and great grandfather who were both imminent physicians, my parents, who searched voraciously for holistic health and diet information from the 1970s onwards, an ancestor (who I will only be able to mention when I’ve done the family tree), Tim Spector and his team at ZOE, the teaching hospitals in London, all the more urgent.

A great truth about women’s health and its treatment by our medical profession has been revealed.

Prevention rather than cure and easing the burden on the under-staffed and under-funded NHS and the increasing corruption of pharmaceutical companies, especially in the USA, can all stem from nutrition and nourishment. We do not need to have starvation and malnutrition today.

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