Testing my app idea to stay fit and healthy

It’s been a long journey. Although technically I’m not going anywhere as I am on an exercise bike.

After experiences, thinking, testing and researching for a while, with family members carrying this torch before me, I’m now starting a new phase of exploration.

Although myriad experiences – which will form the narrative of something else I’m writing, with what I learned from them – happened before 2017, I will relate a series of events that got me to November 2021.

In 2017, I was feeling tired during the day. As I was born without a working thyroid gland, my first thought was to find out if I was on the right level of thyroxine. This is mostly because my energy levels fluctuate.

I was curious about my grandfather’s working on allergies. This led me to a quote by him in a book about immunology. Then I stumbled on information about food intolerances. Wondering how recognised food intolerances are, I asked my GP what tests they did. None, it turned out, except a dangerous sounding one for gluten intolerance involving eating glutenous foods for 6 weeks. That sounds like a witch trial.

In 2015 I had first had a DNA test and then a hair sample bioresonance test to check for sugar intolerance.

The information I had received took hindsight and more context than I had at the time to process and understand. The sugar intolerance test made sense though, as various items seemed to never make it out of the fridge. I cut them out of my shopping.

The various places I researched to test for lactose intolerance didn’t seem clear or straight forward. However, I tried a test by DNAfit, which was either basic, widely available information or over the head of a lay person. They said I was lactose tolerant.

It took more voyage of discovery to reach the idea that I had a dairy intolerance. Therefore I cut out dairy.

Now I’ve discovered that exercize bikes aren’t just good for catching up on social media but also for blogging. Fab. I’m going for a swim now.

This is just the beginning of a story, which anyone can jump in and out of at anytime.

Until the next time.

About makingspace4life

Currently setting up a writing to service to provide press publicity, web content, innovative and memorable events, ghost-written trade magazine articles and UX consultancy to ensure new visitors can access and navigate your website with ease. Long term goal is to create a community interest company in Cornwall, which publishes well researched and tested apps to improve quality of life.
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