Why Corporates Want Us to Be Selfish, Which Makes it Harder To Innovate

Ah, this suggests an explanation for why aggressive and devious corporate marketing for unhealthy commodity stakeholders relies on selfishness and social division to work. Not only that, billions of dollars have to be spent to sell bad products and disguise them as good ones.

Corporates spend billions marketing to the market majority to bypass anyone who will question them. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Also, the activities of companies responsible for carbon emissions, diseases, loss of resources, poverty, deprivation and inequality spend billions of pounds on reframing their activities to protect their profits and reputations from scrutiny. This is more difficult with a healthy society and requires religion-level doctrination.

The corporate world of runaway capitalism dictating our consumer habits, social interactions, behaviour and ambition need us to be selfish.

The COVID pandemic has caused widespread impoverishment, inequality and social division but exposed corruption and greed. Image by Danielle Tunstall from Pixabay

Selfishness is not supported by evolution. We did not get here by being selfish and do not have a good social life, fun, conversations and things that make life enjoyable without aquiring things or money through selfishness.

In indigenous societies, apparently, dominant people were shunned. Those who imposed their views and beliefs on others were more isolated than those who connected and included other people and reciprocated.

In the corporate workplace, selfishness is encouraged to make the cold brash decisions needed in business. This is not my area. I am pursing a more feminine route into business, using networking, objective leadership, awareness, identification of need and providing a solution, marketed well to reach a keen audience.

It must be exhausting being duplicitous, untrustworthy, selfish and disconnected at work.Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

“A joint study by researchers from the Kellog School of Management, Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University found experimentally that in group settings, people who were selfish were seen as being more dominant, and by extension more attractive, as leaders than those who were generous and kind.” The Entrepreneur

Workplaces encouraging selfishness instead of teams and objective leadership sounds iffy to me. I have created a team to help launch my app, with areas of focus attributed to 3 other people, all disclosing their own self interest and with a view to earning money together when the app sells.

My app aims to provide consumers, employers, nutritionists and communities with nutriton information at their fingertips – Hearth Nutrition

I disagree that selfishness is a good way to get along at work. It has never born out in my observation. Selfish people end up isolated, while sociable people network and get promoted in my experience.

No wonder I found people on The Apprentice so reprehensible. The above is a silly article – in my view – and is nothing to do with being an entrepreneur, which requires social connection, identifying and solving problems, finding a market, awareness, identifying early adopters and marketing a product so people want to buy it and recommend it to others.

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Currently on an incubator program at Falmouth University - Launchpad - and an MSc in Entrpeneurship. I moved to Cornwall in 2011 and did an MA in professional writing. A keen writer who enjoys life. Favourite activities include: painting, travelling on a budget to enjoy small luxuries, self-advocacy, comedy, film, books, ideas, conversations, team sports and gardening. (Currently limited to my basil plant and any others looking thirsty).
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