The Design of Hearth

Then the design for the app to launch has been mocked-up by Plan Pixels in India to show:

Sign in – Either email and password or via a social media account.

No personal questions and information about what the app does and how much it costs before subscribing and using the app.

Landing page to provide a guided tour of the app

Landing page – a tour of the app’s 4 pages, which aim to make it easier to choose the foods to get all daily essential nutrition and find gaps to supplement for any diet.

Food library allows users to sort food by macronutrients

Food library – foods can be added to the shopping list (saved for a week) or to one of 3 meals for the day. Foods can be sorted by meat, fish, plant protein, healthy fats, fibre, gluten and carbohydrates, so any can be excluded.

Shopping list – foods can be added by food type so items can be bought together in a supermarket or independent food producer or retailer.

Meal Planner – foods can be added to one of 3 meals for each day. Once micronutrients have been covered by foods, they grey out in the food library, leaving foods to complete the micronutrients needed each day.

Calendar – showing what micronutrients were missed that day in diet so user can buy supplements if wanted.

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Currently on an incubator program at Falmouth University - Launchpad - and an MSc in Entrpeneurship. I moved to Cornwall in 2011 and did an MA in professional writing. A keen writer who enjoys life. Favourite activities include: painting, travelling on a budget to enjoy small luxuries, self-advocacy, comedy, film, books, ideas, conversations, team sports and gardening. (Currently limited to my basil plant and any others looking thirsty).
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