How UK and USA Governments Hijacked COVID-19 to Distract Us From Their Dealings

The main difference between SARS-COV1, MERS-Cov and SARS-COV2 or COVID-19 is the size of the elephant in the room.

With unclear, patchy and one-size-fits all guidelines from government, there has been a huge amount of finger pointing and name calling over how we respond to COVID-19. Good old divide and conquer.

Getting the nation tearing strips off each other is the perfect deflection technique. What about the Great Furloughed in Small Households with Gardens listening to and understanding the perspective of the Multi-Generation Household in a Towerblock with Hospital Visits and Full Time Workers?

Our government doesn’t want to delegate power to local regions. They don’t want challenge, anyone else showing them up or even to deploy qualified scientists to provide clear and articulate guidelines to the nation.

They don’t want their “science-based” response to be questioned. Not the tiniest query. We all know how to protect ourselves against viruses as we all do it when we need to. We do not need to all be treated like children with a one-size-fits-all response.

SARS-COV-1 and MERS-COV have been transmitting within the UK for a decade. The warnings were completely different and Public Health England even down played the threat in 2013, when respiratory premature deaths started to rise in UK. As there was no drug to sell or vaccine, they didn’t cause a panic. All the impacts on the UK that haven’t been properly documented are collateral damage from the benefits of our current corrupt government’s hidden benefits and funding from this situation.

All three are ‘new coronaviruses’ that ‘originate from bats or civets’ and have ‘passed to humans via wet markets in China due to increasing demand for wild game. Since the SARS outbreak over 10 years ago, that exact story has emerged a few times. However, nothing like COVID-19 has been anything like as successful as a virus spread. Who is pinpointing the reasons why? This really is a virus you want to avoid at any age,

SARS originated in 2002 and became prevalent in 2009 in the UK and America. Both Obama in USA and Gordon Brown in the UK consulted with independent scientists and responded to the threat through collaboration with other nations and health organisations without whole nations being impacted.

Firstly, we need to look at how healthy people respond to these viruses, compared to vulnerable ones.

Statistics will not show how many people caught SARS-COV or MERS-COV when they were transmitted within the UK as healthy people would think they ‘had a heavy cold’ and carry on as normal. This means possible transmission through healthy colleagues to vulnerable elderly or sick members of the household who may have died prematurely.

Many incidence of SARS-COV-1 and MERS-COV in the UK have transmitted unreported as people believe they have a heavy cold or that their immunity was down, perhaps due to stress, anxiety or grief.

However, in the last decade, the UK has had the rate of premature death from highest chronic lower respiratory disease out of 15 other EU countries.

SARS-COV1 and MERS-COV were more lethal than COVID-19, which spreads in just the same way. There is no difference between viruses in the means of transmission, just the differences in behaviour between humans.

In the UK, heavier colds have crept up on us and otherwise healthy people have been ill enough to stay at home. With a little awareness, such as the press at the start of the SARS and MERS spread in the UK, sufficient

What politicians, the press and the public do not know, but scientists are constantly studying, is how many people have died as a result of a chronic lower respiratory disease as a result of one of these new coronaviruses spreading in the UK.

According to the Office of National Statistics and WHO, lower respiratory diseases are the 4th biggest causes of death amongst men and women in the UK and we are at the highest level of respiratory viruses out of 15 EU countries. We also, unsurprisingly, have the worst diet amongst those 15 EU countries too. .

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