A New Era for Chefs and Catering Through Hearth

Hearth provides a clear and simple definition of what human nutrition is and how we, as a species, access it best.

It is not ‘one-size-fits-all’ as has been assumed. A one size fits all approach is saying one diet is better than another. Hearth does quite the opposite and caters for all diets, food preferences, tastes, cultures, expenditures, intolerances and allergies.

home cooking can provide a tasty part of many meals – Image by Tomaž Jevšenak from Pixabay

It does not matter what you like to eat, the principle is the same: we are all healthier on real food. Whether it is cooked from scratch or eaten raw, the variety of foods on the plate can provide a wider spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Our bodies seem to be satisfied more quickly by delivering all the vitamins and most minerals in one meal.

To avoid the increased inflammation, intolerance and sugar spikes most of us experience through the day, we can also taper our meals by eating a good, nutritious breakfast, which means the body requires less nutrition as the day progresses.

We have lost touch with many of our natural instincts. Modern food has become so adulterated, that it has messed with our bodies, minds and taste buds. However, there are plenty of ‘cravings converters’ around, which tell you which nutrients your body is asking for, when you start craving certain processed items.

Cold and raw food can be very nutritious and important items on the plate for quick satisfaction – Image by Mogens Petersen from Pixabay


If you think of the best known cravings: pregnancy, you can understand this easily. When pregnant, the growing foetus will work with a woman’s body to demand the exact nutrition it needs through cravings. Luckily, today, pregnancy is one of the best areas of knowledge about nutrition, thanks to women who ask questions and search for answers, which they share with other women.

Today, plenty of companies are competing in the home delivery foods market. What Hearth could provide is a funnel through which food manufacturers and retailers could reach customers. Meals on Wheels are still available through your local council and independent caterers for parties or cooking for the freezer could also use simple ideas on how to deliver the most economical but tasty, satisfying and nutritious meals to a wide range of customers, from a good selection of local, independent suppliers.

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