Raiders of the Lost Truths About Food

If you’re looking for what to eat to aid recovery from COVID-19, here is a spreadsheet of what foods deliver the range of daily vitamins and minerals we need for optimal health.

After years of research and trial and error, I have found there are various clues in culture and oral tradition, that have become worn, faded and doctored over time.

Essentially, we know ourselves best and the only thing that connects us all is ‘single ingredient, real food’. However, that is getting increasingly expensive, especially since lockdown. We have been confused by conflicting messages about diets and food, with recipes, counting calories, restrictions and measuring ingredients.

This data shows we don’t need any of that and if we know what ‘fuel’ human bodies need, we can adapt this information for our own needs, knowing how to get vitamins and minerals in our diet or from supplements if not accessed from foods we eat.

This also means creating our own meals and original recipes from scratch, using wisdom from other cultures, enjoying a variety of flavours, tastes and textures at every meal and providing our bodies with the daily nutrition they need by knowing what it is for ourselves.

Salad looking pretty

Salads are a great way to get lots of flavour, taste and nourishment

My quest to discover what ‘healthy diet’ means for humans, to work out nutrition for self-care and recovery – Raiders of the Lost Truth about Food – led me to realise something all cultures have in common: variety.

Have you found how filling Indian Thalis, Spanish Tapas, Greek Meze, Mexican food and French Cuisine – which is based on a variety flavours through many small courses – are compared to a traditional meal?

I’m working on an app to make it quick and easy for anyone to get their essential daily nutrition, vitamins and minerals, in each meal. Plan Pixels in India are making the interactive, functional app and the Appsheet prototype is a working data-only prototype I am using for feedback and adjustments to the actual app. It is public and free and I do not harvest any user data. That is Appsheet continually bugging me to upgrade.

Apologies for this not working when I launched it. Appsheet didn’t clarify ‘personal use’ so it stopped anyone uploading photos or adding items to the lists. I’ve had to remove the lists to make it work as a reference to glance at while shopping, eating out or seeing what’s already at home.

What I discovered is that if I have a breakfast with boiled egg, some salmon, with steamed greens, deli items, olives, cucumber, raw peeled slices of courgette, or avocado, asparagus, artichoke hearts, vine leaves etc) it is very tasty and keeps me going for hours without thought of interim snacks. This also means lunch and dinner get smaller as I’ve given my body most of the nutrition it needed to perform well at breakfast.

As sugar spikes, water retention and inflammation increase across the day, a nutritious, breakfast with variety leads reduces hunger throughout the day.

Therefore, please try Hearth Nutrition as a reference on your device when ordering food in, from shop or takeaway or seeing what you have already. This combines nutritious, tasty, satisfying meals with giving whole body what it needs to heal and recover and can reduce costs of real foods by eating a variety of different items at each meal.

To me, this combines wisdom from different cultures (meze, tapas, thali etc) with cost efficiency, increased taste and satisfaction from variety and oral tradition; big breakfast, medium lunch, small supper. It also properly explains the undefined statement by the NHS ‘varied’ – lots of different tastes, eaten raw or a variety cooked together as preferred. Also, the never defined NHS ‘balanced diet’ seems to mean between either carbs and greens for a vegan or protein and/or fats and variety of ‘greens’ for non-vegans.

This link provides:
Vitamins and minerals listed with the foods they come from
Staple foods that deliver the largest variety essential daily vitamins and minerals
The body science – how our bodies use all the vitamins and minerals. (A, C, E and Copper for immunity)
How to create your own 3 meals a day to get vitamins and minerals
More information about nutrition, food tests and natural healing
The elimination diet to find food intolerance

Can be viewed on mobile device here

Can be viewed in browser here

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