Need for Public Nutrition Information From Impartial Sources

All my life I have thought about my weight. Looking back at photos of me as a child, it seems as though I was inflating and deflating regularly. Hindsight is fantastic for diet and I now know that the food at home and on holiday agreed with me far more than that served at school.

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In the 1970s, it seems we were force fed milk. Governments realised that dairy foods delivered important nutrients, such as iodine and we were going to get them, whether we knew about it or not. Many public health decisions made by politicians do not make themselves  known to the nation through the press as they are just not deemed interesting enough or likely to sell newspapers or adverts.

Yes, that does the way people look after themselves and what they know about health comes from the media, education, political initiatives and the medical profession.

What if we want to live as best we can with optimal health? Likely as not, this will start a never-ending quest of book and article reading, TV watching, discussing and perhaps asking a doctor or nutritionist.

From each one, we will get their perspective. It is unlikely we will be served just facts. What another human being writes or says comes from their experience, their knowledge, their instincts and their education. It will also, subconsciously at least, be influenced by their genetics and their preferences and beliefs.

How do we get the facts? Does anyone know what their own ‘healthy weight’ is?

My grandfather’s diary from 1931 does provide a chart of healthy weight arranged by height and weight. This chart is mentioned in a book called The BodyWise woman by Melpomeme Institute for Women’s Health and BodyWise; Discovering Your Body’s Intelligence for Lifelong Health and Healing by Dr Rachel Carlton Abrams.

Seeing the food boxes prepacked and sent to people shielding during the COVID-19 pandemic seems typical of official nutrition advice, as ordained by Public Health England and our government. There is no public information campaign. We do not receive facts. We get the results of research funded by food and drink companies, therefore biased to their products and interests.

Everything seems tied up in a thread of human bias and agenda. However, what many people do is start on their own journey of discovery, research and trial and error.

Hearth aims to gather the information, hopefully the facts, and put it at our fingertips in a handy format to use for seeing what we’ve eaten, the vitamins and nutrients we have accessed, what to buy, a meal planner and any dietary supplements to make up for any deficiencies. Using a photo food diary, we can also add our health actions each day, alcohol free, smoke free, exercise, water, sugar free etc.

Then we can look back over what we have eaten and done to find any causes of complaints, such as aches, pains, anxiety or fatigue.  In that way we can quickly identify any food intolerance or sensitivity, as these tend to occur two or three days after we ate the culprits.


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