My Entrepreneurial Journey

Welcome to my journey to become an entrepreneur as I develop a proactive, self-care nutrition app.

I started on this venture after joining the Launchpad program at Falmouth University in January 2020. An senior NHS representative presented us with The Prophesy of Doom, which charted how the risk-adverse, hierarchal, one-size-fits-all structure of their healthcare provision.

The aim seemed to be to encourage new ways to reduce the strain on the understaffed, under-funded NHS by reducing the cost of treating non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which are avoidable and preventable.

My thoughts immediately turned back to nutrition. By this I meant nourishment, where we required smaller amounts of nutrient rich foods then those devoid of vitamins and minerals. We also need a spread of the 29 or so vitamins and micronutrients in varying quantities, which real, single-ingredient foods deliver most efficiently in a staple diet.

We are incredibly lucky today, with a wide spectrum of people researching and sharing information about nutrition on the Internet and with advances in food technology, growing sustainable alternatives to macronutrients in laboratories. This is an exciting time as we don’t really know what will happen. So long as individuals and consumers keep using their wisdom and instincts to get food they need. Not just during a pandemic, to boost their immune system and prevent diseases, but to reach optimal mental, physical and emotional health on a daily basis.

My story starts after the Prophesy of Doom and carries on from there. Each day I will add another chapter of the story with photographs.

The story starts a long time before 2020, so the origins of my entrepreneurial and health journeys start when I was younger and even before I was born.

About makingspace4life

Currently setting up a writing to service to provide press publicity, web content, innovative and memorable events, ghost-written trade magazine articles and UX consultancy to ensure new visitors can access and navigate your website with ease. Long term goal is to create a community interest company in Cornwall, which publishes well researched and tested apps to improve quality of life.
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